KSA-L22 Frp Lock Remove Octoplus Huawei Tool

KSA-L22 Frp Lock Remove Octoplus Huawei Tool
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KSA-L22 Frp Lock

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Before Unlocking The KSA-L22 Frp Lock Remove, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Performed:

Install MTK Driverย Lasted


Install libusb-win32-devel-filter Driver Lasted


Login Username and Pass On Octoplus Huawei Tool

Starting Reset FRP
Selected phone model: โ€ชKSA-L22โ€ฌ
Please, put your device in Factory mode (use “ON/OFF Factory Mode” option or Hardware Test Point) and insert USB cable
Detected โ€ชMediaTek USB Port_V1633โ€ฌ port
Handshake done
Detecting Chip Versionโ€ฆ
HW Chip : MT6761
HW Version : 8A00.CA01.0200.0000
Brom Version: 5
Boot Loader Version: FE
Downloading resourceโ€ฆ
Sending Authentication Dataโ€ฆ
Using MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2018/10/18.17:38_452898 download agentโ€ฆ
Found a suitable Download agent
Sending Download Agentโ€ฆ
DA successfully sent
Synchronizing with DAโ€ฆ
Mobile Status: SYNC
Mobile Status: brom
Sending BootLoader Infoโ€ฆ
Downloading resourceโ€ฆ
Initializing Memory Flashโ€ฆ
Initialization completed
Sending Loaderโ€ฆ
Mobile Status: SYNC
Loader successfully sent
Reading Flash Infoโ€ฆ
EMMC rpmb size : 16 Mb
EMMC boot1 size : 4 Mb
EMMC boot2 size : 4 Mb
EMMC gp1 size : 0 Mb
EMMC gp2 size : 0 Mb
EMMC gp3 size : 0 Mb
EMMC gp4 size : 0 Mb
EMMC user area size : 29820 Mb
IMEI A: โ€ช865389043218305โ€ฌ
IMEI B: โ€ช865389043718304โ€ฌ
Reading Partition Table
Reading FRP Partition
Removing FRP secure dataโ€ฆ
Reset FRP done.
Performed by โ€ช1.3.3โ€ฌ Software version.

Download Octoplus Huawei Tool Lasted


JAT-L29_Jakarta-L29A (C432E6R2P1)_Firmware_EMUI9.1.0_05015RQS Firmware


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