EVA-AL00 Downgrade ID Lock Remove Octoplus Huawei Tool

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Before detection connect cable to usb and enable Manufacture mode !

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Qualcomm and HiSilicon: ##2846579##
MTK: ##14789632##
Windows: ##2846579#

1.Background setting
2.USB ports setting
Select Manufacture mode

Welcome to Octoplus Huawei Software v.‪1.2.7‬

Found COM ports:
1: COM80 HUAWEI Mobile Connect – Fake Acm Interface
2: COM81 DBAdapter Reserved Interface
3: COM82 Android Adapter PCUI

Job ID: 0000000001FB739A
2021-12-17 08:38:32 GMT ————————————————-
Starting Reset Huawei ID
Selected phone model: ‪EVA-AL00‬
Detected ‪Android Adapter PCUI‬ port
Warning: Can’t get serial number.
Warning: Can’t get device model.
Warning: Can’t get IMEI/MAC info.
Connecting to server…
Authorization is successful
Reading basic data…
Reading secure data…
Warning: Can’t get phone MEID.

Device Model: ‪EVA-AL00‬
Firmware: ‪System‬
Boot: ‪System‬
Fastboot: ‪Chipset-chicago8.0.0.6(07EE)_FASTBOOT‬
System: ‪System‬
Recovery: ‪(unknow)‬
IMEI A: ‪863471033913699‬
IMEI B: ‪863471035719680‬
Bluetooth MAC: ‪84:9F:B5:AD:01:F2‬
WiFi MAC: ‪84:9F:B5:AC:F9:5A‬
S/N: ‪PBV5T16C02008421‬
Board S/N: ‪5T3NET16C2024532‬
Vendor Code: ‪all‬
Country Code: ‪cn‬
Downloading additional resources…
Resetting your device

Reset Huawei ID done.
Performed by ‪1.2.7‬ Software version.

Download Octoplus Huawei Tool Lasted


EVA-AL00 Downgrade Board Firmware


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