Meizu M1813 Userlock Remove Octoplus box

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Before Tecno KC2J Userlock Frp, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Perform.

Install MTK Driver Lasted


Install libusb-win32-devel-filter Driver Lasted


Welcome to Octoplus FRP Tool v.
Card S/N: 00005962
Work ID: 0000000001FE3676
Platform: MEIZU
Selected model: M8 (M813H)
Please, reconnect battery, press and hold “Vol+” or “Vol-” button and connect USB cable.
Searching for a phone. Please waitโ€ฆ
Found phone on COM10
Port name: MediaTek USB Port_V1633 (COM10)
Detecting Chip Versionโ€ฆ
HW Chip: MT6765: 0766.0000
HW Version: 8A00.CA00.0000.0000
Target Config: 00E7
Brom Version: 05
BootLoader Version: FE
Disabling protectionโ€ฆ
Detecting Chip Versionโ€ฆ
HW Chip: MT6765: 0766.0000
HW Version: 8A00.CA00.0000.0000
Target Config: 0000
Searching Download Agentโ€ฆ
Selected DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2019-09-13.17:00_485156, n.28
Sending Download Agentโ€ฆ
DA sent successfully
Initializing DAโ€ฆ
Synchronizing with DAโ€ฆ
Mobile Status: SYNC
Mobile Status: brom
Sending BootLoader Infoโ€ฆ
Initializing Memory Flash..
Initialization successfully completed
Sending loadersโ€ฆ
Mobile Status: SYNC
Reading Flash Infoโ€ฆ
EMMC rpmb size: 4 Mb
EMMC boot1 size: 4 Mb
EMMC boot2 size: 4 Mb
EMMC gp1 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp2 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp3 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp4 size: 0 Mb
EMMC user area size: 59640 Mb
eMMC Flash: .90014A48.43473861.34A24BB4.B0F4C515
eMMC Flash: Hynix: HCG8a4
Internal RAM size: 224 Kb
External RAM size: 4096 Mb
Reading partitionโ€ฆ
Reading infoโ€ฆ
Brand: Meizu
Manufacturer: Meizu
Model: M1813
Device: M1813
Android version: 8.1.0
Display ID: Flyme
Factory Resetโ€ฆ
Formatting User Data section
Factory Reset is successfully performed!
Performed by Software version.

Download Octoplus Frp Tool Lasted


Meizu M8,V8_M1813_Userlock Lock Frp SP Flash Tool

Tecno KC2J Userlock Frp Lock Remove this way will erase all data on your phone..Therefore, before doing so, you should inform the customer and the data in advance.

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