Sat. May 28th, 2022

Before Vivo Y11 Userlock Remove, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Performed:

Install QcomMtk_Driver_Setup Lasted


How To Connect Qualcomm 9008 EDL Mode?

1.Qualcomm Old Model > Power Off / Vol+ Vol- USB Connect

2.The Vivo Y11 is a Qualcomm unit.Therefore, it is necessary to cover the back and support 9008 Test Point.

[Read Partition/Write Partition/Erase Partition]
1.Reading the help, Enter Qualcomm EDL/9008 mode, Connect USB Cable (install drivers)
2.Go to Partition Tab, Click Read GPT
3.Go to Partition Tab, Click buttons
TIPS: If the partition is encrypted, the mirror files also encrypted

Operation: Factory Reset
Selected Model: PD1930F
Platform: QUALCOMM

Waiting for EDL connect: OK
Port: COM3
Connect to device … OK
Sending loader … OK
Connecting to Sahara … OK
Reading configuration … EMMC/512
Factory Reset …
Looking target partition: … OK
Checking payment interface …
Connecting to server … OK
Checking need payment … NO
Writing data … OK

Operation: Finished

Download EMT Tool Lasted Version


Download Vivo_Y11 Logo Fix Firmware




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