Oppo A15 CPH2185 Safe Format Without Data Loss With UnlockTool

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Before Unlocking The Oppo A15 CPH2185 Userlock, Make Sure The Following Steps Are Performed:

Install MTK Driver Lasted


Install libusb-win32-devel-filter Driver Lasted


  • Power Off Phone
  • Click Safe Format [KEEP DATA]
  • Vol + Vol – / Connect Usb Cable
  • SAFE FORMAT [KEEP DATA] Phone must have battery inside!
    Waiting for deviceโ€ฆ COM16
    Connection : USB 1.0 High-Speed
    USB Driver : [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb – Version : 3.0.1504.0
    Boot Mode : BOOTROM [0E8D:0003]
    Handshakingโ€ฆ OK
    Reading hardware infoโ€ฆ OK
    Hardware code : MT6765 [0x766]
    Hardware sw : 8A00 CA00 0000
    Security Config : [0xE5] [SCB : Yes] [SLA : No] [DAA : Yes]
    MEID : 9F84B268D9F89363F5FF0DA0B2FCE5B2
    Booting META modeโ€ฆ OK
    Phone must have battery inside!
    Waiting for deviceโ€ฆ COM46
    Connection : USB 2.0 High-Speed
    USB Driver : [(Standard USB Host Controller)] usbccgp – Version : 3.0.1504.0
    Boot Mode : ETS [22D9:202D]
    Authenticatingโ€ฆ OK
    Initializing METAโ€ฆ OK
    Connecting to METAโ€ฆ OK [Ver:0] [Rate:921600]
    Reading Software Infoโ€ฆ OK
    Brand : OPPO
    Board : oppo6765
    Platform : mt6765
    Model : unknown
    Android : 10
    Security Patch : 2020-10-05
    Build ID : CPH2185_11_A.05
    Build Date : Wed Oct 14 04:12:00 CST 2020
    Oppo Name : OPPO A15
    Safe formatting dataโ€ฆ OK
    Rebooting deviceโ€ฆ OK
    UNLOCKTOOL 2021.10.04.0
    Elapsed time : 43 seconds

    Download Unlock Tool Lasted Version


    Download Oppo A15_CPH2185 NV Data Full Backup


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