Huawei Region Code List….

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Useful For….. China To Global Change Huawei Smart Phones Region Code List….

C00 China (Global / International / All Country / Factory)
C02 Europe Vodafone, German
C08 Ireland Vodafone
C10 Russia, Europe
C17 China, Asia Pacific
C21 Telefonica / O2
C22 China , Europe
C25 Argentina Claro
C27 Argentina Movista
C32 Venezuela Movilnet, 05021PTS
C40 Czech Republic Telefonica / O2, Spain, Argentina Movistar Telefonica, Europe
C55 Italia TIM
C63 Venezuela, Telecom Movilnet, Canada
C96 Belarus , Canada , MTS
C100 West European
C109 France
C110 Argentina, Personal , BGH
C112 Latin America
C113 Canada Wind
C119 Canada Videotron
C121 Turkey
C123 Switzerland
C128 Hungary telenor
C149 Belarus, LIFE
C150 Telecom, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Europe
C151 India
C156 Indonesia , ASIA
C170 Russia
C173 Congo, Africa , West Europe, Other
C178 Botswana, Africa
C183 New Zealand, Australia
C185 Middle East & Africa , Latin America
C199 Middle East & Africa
C203 Belarus Velcom
C209 Asia Pacific
C223 Malaysia, South Asia
C232 Europe , General / Global / All country
C249 Serbia Telecom
C271 Malaysia, Asia
C272 Asia Pacific, Australia
C301 Indonesia TAM
C324 Taiwan
C332 Argentina, Channel Other
C328 Angola, Africa
C358 Tunisia
C390 Asia
C428 Algeria, Africa , Indonesia
C429 France , Europe
C432 West Europe , France
C433 Middle East
C440 France
C464 Argentina, Turkey, Arabic, Asia Pacific
C469 Argentina , Open market
C470 Asia, New Zealand , South Pacific , Indonesia
C521 Argentina , Latin America
C530 Argentina Personal
C541 Myanmar, Asia Pacific
C555 Italy TIM
C557 Canada , Bell Canada
C561 Argentina , Latin America
C567USA United States , Australia, Asia Pacific
C576 Israel
C578 Canada
C582 Canada SaskTel , Canada
C605 Latin America
C607 MTC Belarus
C636 Australia, Asia Pacific
C637 Spain
C638 Botswana, Africa
C654 Canada Rogers
C699 Indonesia , Asia pacific
C675 India
C900 General / International / GlobalC900 General Free intern. Version

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